Creative strategies and tools in counselling

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Here are some helpful creative strategies and tools which I use in my counselling practice and how they can benefit you.

Creative and Symbolic

Sand tray therapy, painting. drawing and writing:

  • Express and understand thoughts and emotions
  • Explore deeper aspects of your inner world
  • Increase self expression
  • Gain new insights into your problems


Empty chair technique, emotion cards and dreamwork:  

  • Understand different parts of yourself
  • Develop self awareness
  • Resolve relationship difficulties
  • Change self-perceptions

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Body scan, breathing exercises, grounding techniques and guided imagery/visualisation


  • Reduce stress, anxiety and physical discomfort
  • Develop a connection between your emotions and your body
  • Develop greater awareness of the present moment

Behavioural and Cognitive based strategies

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  • Recognise unhealthy thought patterns
  • Deal with specific problems
  • Manage intrusive/negative thoughts
  • Identify core beliefs


Genograms, ideas from Transactional Analysis e.g. drama triangle, ego states  

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  • Identify family patterns
  • Improve communication processes
  • Understand and manage relationships

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