Integrative Counselling in Plymouth

with Frances Rayner, MNCPS Acc.

A safe space

Sometimes, you need to speak to someone other than friends, peers or family members about what’s going on.

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I offer a safe space for you to talk about sensitive issues and topics without the fear of judgement, reprisal, or ridicule.

This is a professional space, where experience and expertise come together to help you explore and unravel the complex issues you are dealing with.

What issues I can help with

In each counselling session, I will be happy to explore together with you topics that are important to you, including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anger
  • Family conflicts
  • Low self esteem
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Life transitions
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What does counselling involve?

Counselling is about helping you to get better at living and managing your life, whether that’s in your close relationships or in how you manage feelings like sadness, anger or grief.

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So, what does this mean in practice? It could mean things like:

  • Exploring the anger about your partner or family member, and then being able to say something to him or her that doesn’t just lead to another unpleasant argument.
  • Learning to care for yourself when you get angry or anxious and helping you to develop healthier coping strategies.
  • Helping you to identify negative thinking or patterns of behaviour that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.
  • Supporting you to get in touch with the pain of losing a loved one and finding the courage to say goodbye.
  • Addressing issues surrounding self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Acknowledging the ways that you may be keeping yourself from becoming truly free and self-directed.

Counselling journey

Throughout your counselling journey, I will:

  • Really listen to you, focusing on you and your needs.
  • Encourage you to express your thoughts and emotions so that you can understand your situation better.
  • Help and support you to explore and work on the problems and emotional difficulties you are facing, without judging you.
  • Use the therapeutic relationship to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance, and personal growth.
  • Be a trusted companion to you in your journey of self-exploration and self-discovery.
  • Hold regular reviews to ensure that the counselling sessions are meeting your needs and that you are getting the best out of therapy.

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The Therapeutic relationship

The therapeutic relationship is perhaps the most important and powerful factor when it comes to making progress in therapy.  It is a professional relationship that is different from a friendship or romantic relationship.

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Trust, respect and privacy

I will seek to establish a strong therapeutic relationship with you which is built based on trust, respect and privacy.

Feeling safe and understood

A productive therapy relationship will allow you to feel safe and understood.

Therapeutic Approach

I believe that valuable counselling can be done in many ways and that no single approach is better than another.

counselling in plymouth, counselling plymouth, integrative counselling, mental counselling, relationship counselling plymouthAs an integrative counsellor, I draw on several therapeutic models including:

  • Person-centered therapy – focuses on the good in people and their growth potential.
  • Gestalt therapyinvolves helping individuals emote more freely and healthily.
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – helps the client find solutions by changing the way they think and behave.

My approach

My approach to counselling is geared towards:

  • Facilitating change.
  • Promoting personal growth.
  • Encouraging self-development.
  • Helping and supporting you to live more satisfyingly and resourcefully.

Achieving your goals

The Integrative approach provides many methods to achieve your goals in therapy: emotional work, improved communication, personal exploration, psychological awareness, support, cognitive changes and behavioural changes.

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Benefits of therapy

  • Improving relationships
  • Managing a specific issue e.g. depression or anxiety
  • Reducing conflict
  • Improving life satisfaction
  • Grieving a loss
  • Finding clarity

To find out more about Dove Counselling in Plymouth or book a FREE 15 minute initial consultation, please telephone Frances on 0740 865994 or send an email