Counselling for growth and personal development

Are you experiencing anxiety and depression?  Relationship difficulties?  Family conflicts?  Anger?  Low self esteem?  Loneliness and isolation? Going through a life transition? 

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Counselling for growth and personal development

Counselling for growth and personal development draws on the concepts and ideas of the humanistic approach.

Humanistic therapies (i.e. person-centered therapy and gestalt therapy) encourage you to recognise how you think about yourself and perceive your own individual strengths.

Person-centered therapy

Person centered therapy offers you time and space to reflect and learn more about yourself and helps you to see yourself in a more positive light, which in turn can increase self esteem, self confidence, increase mood and improve self awareness.  The overall aim is to provide an opportunity to work towards living more satisfyingly and resourcefully.

The therapeutic relationship

Person-centered therapy uses the therapeutic relationship to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance, growth, and the optimal development of personal resources.

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Benefits of personal development counselling

Through personal development counselling, you can:

    • Address and resolve specific problems (past and present).
    • Improve your interpersonal communication and relationships with others.
    • Cope with crisis.
    • Deal with conflicts.
    • Make decisions.
    • Develop coping strategies.
    • Resist problems and set boundaries.
    • Manage your time effectively.
    • Develop organisational skills.
    • Work through feelings of inner conflict.
    • Take responsibility for your own feelings and behaviours.
    • Realise your full potential and reach your goals.
    • Increase confidence.
    • Build inner resilience.
    • Develop personal insights and self-awareness.
    • Overcome self-doubt.
    • Improve self-esteem.
    • Implement an exercise routine.
    • Engage in a favourite activity or hobby.
    • Find a role within your local community.

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Long term therapy

  • In long term counselling, therapy sessionsHand reaching forwards palm facing upwards are tailored to your individual needs and personal circumstances.
  • You set the goals of therapy and shape the therapeutic journey.
  • Improvements made in therapy are due to your own efforts and commitment.
  • Supports you to develop the skills you need to reach your goals.
  • Invites you to reconnect with yourself and explore your emotions, needs, values and projects on a deep level.

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